What is Public PIONEER?
Public PIONEER is a virtual library created by the Utah State Library Division in cooperation with Utah's public libraries. It is one component of the statewide PIONEER project, which serves Utah's public schools and academic institutions, as well as patrons of public libraries. In addition to the Public PIONEER website, which is aimed at all Utah residents, there are two other websites under the PIONEER banner: Academic PIONEER, designed to meet the needs of university and college students, and School PIONEER, designed for k-12 students and teachers. PIONEER was so named to emphasize the two prime components of its purpose: 1) service to Utah residents, and 2) the breadth and depth of information resources contained within.
Why should I use PIONEER?
Public PIONEER offers a portal to carefully selected internet sites, and creates an information rich home page for finding a wealth of information. In addition, it offers Premium Databases of magazines, newspapers, pictures, biographies, and research aides that are unavailable on the "free" internet. These databases have been provided through the collaborative efforts of the members of the PIONEER partnership. And they are available to you in your local public library or in your own home.
Who pays for PIONEER?
As a taxpayer, you do. Public PIONEER's databases are purchased with a combination of state and federal dollars. The website is maintained through the facilities of the Utah State Library Division which is a part of the Department of Community and Culture. The other PIONEER sites are also paid for through taxpayer funds.
Why do I need a password to get into your databases at home?
Our premium databases require that you enter a password or PIONEER Access Code, which you can obtain from your local public library. The licenses purchased for the these databases require that their usage be limited to Utah residents.
A quick tour of Public PIONEER's front page
The navigation buttons on the left take you to the major sections of Public PIONEER:

  • Utah Libraries and Library Catalogs provides a convenient start to search for materials found in Utah's libraries and links to library directories.

  • Digital Utah section covers the wonderful new technology which preserves valuable collections such as diaries, newspapers, photographs, manuscripts, literature and more in a digital format which can be viewed and searched.

  • Government Information and Services Available Online provides many ways of locating state, county, and city, and federal government information.

  • Utah on the Web contains a wide variety of web sites that are uniquely Utah, arranged by topic.

  • Internet Resources provides a gateway to essential "metasites" and portals, arranged by topic and type of resource.

  • The Find It Fast! drop down menu at the top of the page takes you to popular destinations within Public PIONEER. Use the Utah State Symbols link to get complete information on this heavily researched topic.

  • The Information Café highlights those database research tools that are not available on the "free" web. The links to these databases on the front page of Public PIONEER will go to an "access" page which gives you the choice of using the database in a library or from home.

  • Guide to PIONEER takes you to detailed information about all aspects of Public PIONEER.

  • The front page will also feature changing links to featured timely, seasonal, or popular subjects.

  • Underneath the left-hand navagational links on the Public PIONEER site are four search boxes:
  • Search PIONEER provides a search of our website.

    Search for News takes you to the Alltheweb search of constantly updated local, national and world news.

    Open Worldcat Search for items in libraries

    Search the Internet provides a convenient way to search Google. Remember that the news and internet searches take you outside of Public PIONEER. There is also an Other Searches link that gives you alternative methods of searching the web.

    How do I make suggestions, complain, praise, etc.?
    Use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the Public PIONEER home page, or use the form below:

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